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Student Dress Codes and Uniforms

1. F.S. 1001.43(1)(b) authorizes the Board to require uniforms to be worn by the student body or to impose other dress-related requirements in the Board finds that these requirements are necessary for the safety or welfare of the student body or school personnel. As a result of being granted that authority, the Founding Boards of SouthTech Schools created a uniform code into the school charters and have enforced the uniform policy beginning with the opening of the respective schools.

2. The purpose of a standard student attire policy is to provide a safe environment for students which fosters learning and improves school safety and discipline by: (a) Encouraging students to express their individuality through personality and academic achievements, rather than outward appearance. (b) Enabling students to focus on academics, rather than fashion, because they are able to convey a neat, serious, and studious image. (c) Minimizing disciplinary problems because students are not distracted by clothing. (d) Reducing the time needed to correct dress code violations through a readily available inventory of compliant attire. (e) Minimizing visible differences between students and eliminating social pressures to wear brand-name clothing or colors to show gang affiliation, thereby easing financial pressures on parents and enhancing school safety. (f) Creating a sense of school pride and belonging, and (g) provide a method of student and program/grade identification for school security workers.

3. Uniform design will be school-specific. a. High School uniforms will be career academy-specific and will be representative of typical dress for the academy’s theme industry. Some academies will include both pants and shirts and others will only require shirts. Each academy will have uniforms that are unique in color. Some academies may use different colors for each year or subsection of programs within the academy. b. Middle School uniforms will be grade-specific, with each grade being assigned a unique color. The design of school uniforms will be reviewed annually by school administration and uniform design will be altered or modified as needed to assure that the purposes of uniforms as stated in section 2 are achieved.

4. As uniform shirts are required for all students, shirts will be considered the primary form of student recognition by uniforms. Except in inclement weather, students are required to have a sufficient portion of their shirt visible for security personnel observation. Headwear, including the hoods of “hoodie” shirts or jackets, is not allowed to be worn on the school campus, unless such headwear is considered an industry standard or a required safety device for the student’s career academy.

5. If a student, parent, or guardian feels that compliance with the uniform policy is an unfair infringement on the student’s religious or other rights, a grievance may be filed for review by the Superintendent or designee. Those individuals wishing to file a grievance are required to follow the procedures outlined in South Tech Charter Academy, Inc. Board Policy 5.19 for addressing grievances against the school.

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