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Student Dress Codes and Uniforms

SouthTech Schools adheres to he following dress code policies to provide a safe environment for students which fosters learning and improves school safety and discipline:

1. SouthTech Preparatory Academy students’ uniforms will be grade-specific, with each grade being assigned a unique color. The design of school uniforms will be reviewed annually by the school administration and uniform design will be altered or modified as needed.

2. SouthTech Academy students will wear the SouthTech Academy uniform dictated by their chosen academy.

  • This uniform must be properly worn and visible at all times during the school day.
  • Students may wear jackets and hoodies with zippers. Hoods should not be worn over the head at any time. Academy instructors have veto power on outer garment attire and accessories.
  • Students are not permitted to wear pants that fall below the waist or droop too low (no exposed underwear or other indecencies will be permitted).
  • No pajamas or sweat pants.
  • No pants with holes and rips.
  • No mini-skirts or exposed midriffs.
  • Shorts may be worn only while participating in Physical Education classes, along with approved Physical Education Department shirts.
  • No full head coverings.
  • Uniform shoes must have backs and be close-toed.
  • No Crocs, slides, or bedroom-type footwear.
  • With pre-approved administrative permission, students participating in boundary school sports activities may wear a Game Day Jersey on Game Day only.
    • Approval is granted by filling out and submitting a Game Day Dress Code Pass form to Student Services with the required Documentation.

3. Failure to comply with these dress code policies will result in one of the following consequences:

  • The student will be required to contact their parent/guardian to request that they bring a uniform to school for them to wear or purchase a new uniform.
  • If the student is not able to attain a new uniform, they will be required to stay in ISS for the remainder of the school day.
  • Repeated violations will result in a referral for insubordination and require further disciplinary actions.
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