Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Students take the same tests as they would at their boundary school, including all EOC and FSA exams. The SAT, ACT, PSAT, and ASVAB are also administered.

Yes. Uniforms are required and at SouthTech Academy is based on the career academy chosen by the student or by grade at SouthTech Preparatory. 

At SouthTech Academy... 

Students at SouthTech Academy (Grades 9-12) are on a 4x4 block. This means they will take 4 classes the first semester and a new set of 4 classes the second semester, similar to a college schedule. Each block, students will at least have one 90-minute academy class. (Several juniors and seniors may have more than one period of their academy class.) 

At SouthTech Preparatory...

Students at SouthTech Preparatory (Grades 6-8) are on a 3x3 alternate-block schedule. Students take a total of 6 classes, attending 3 classes daily on alternating days. 

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit via dual enrollment courses at Palm Beach State and/or successfully passing AP Exams. It is possible for students to earn an Associate Degree, but it is very rigorous. 

Yes. There will be opportunities to work on your own vehicle while being supervised by the instructor. 

Yes. SouthTech’s automotive program offers 10 ASE certifications. If a student passes all 10 ASE certifications, SouthTech will pay the final certification fee for the student to complete their exam at Palm Beach State College. 

Yes. Your high school transcript will be evaluated and you will earn credits for the courses previously taken. 

Yes. Even if your sibling filled out a survey or application, each NEW student must submit an application. 

Yes. A prom is held every year, along with other school events such as dances and game nights. We hope to hold pep rallies in the future as well. Remember, although we don’t have sports teams, students are able to play sports for your boundary school. 

Yes. Please contact one of our ESE Coordinators for more information. 

For more information about SouthTech Academy’s ESE program (Grades 9-12), Please contact Mary Yearwood at m.yearwood@pbcharterschools.org

For more information about SouthTech Preparatory’s ESE program (Grades -6-8), Please contact Kristie Vullo at kristie.vullo@pbcharterschools.org

Visit our website at www.southtechschools.org 

Visit our website at southtechschools.org

7th Graders in IT earn the Web & Software Design Certification, while 8th Graders in IT earn a programming/Emerging Technology certification.

No certifications are earned in these programs, however a single high school credit is given with the successful completion of the middle school program.

None of SouthTech’s schools have official sports programs, however there are intramural programs and sports clubs.  Students are welcome to join and participate in sports teams at their boundary schools.

The hours of school are noted below: 

SouthTech Academy (Grades 9-12) begins at 7:00am and the last bell rings at 1:45pm. 

The high school campus opens at 6:00am   

Students are expected to be off campus by 2:30 pm

SouthTech Preparatory (Grades 6 - 8) begins at 8:30 and the last bell rings at 3:25pm. 

Students may be dropped-off as early as 8:00am 

Currently there is no aftercare available for students. Parents should arrange to have their student picked-up soon after the final bel at 3:25

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