Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards

One of the most common characteristics associated with quality programs in career and technical education (CTE) is their link with the local business community.

SouthTech Schools asks that businesses avoid the traditional notion of return on investment when it comes to education since it may represent a very short-term thinking scenario when, in fact, educating students is a long-term proposition. Instead, focusing on “Return on Innovation” can help companies measure their investment, not in terms of dollars and cents, but in the number of young people they’re preparing to be innovators and part of the next generation workforce.

Career & Technical Advisory Boards serve to develop programs of work and engage other partners to strengthen community partnerships and provide guidance for a given program’s improvement and overall success. Advisory boards are designed to increase the participation of the public and provide greater cooperation between career & technical programs and the private sector by making career and technical education more responsive to, and reflective of, both the labor market and business/industry. Promoting quality career and technical education while preparing individuals for post-secondary education and employment is the mission of SouthTech Schools.

Business partnerships and advisory committees can perform a wide variety of functions. Partners serve without pay and have no legal status to change or implement policy. CTE Instructors and administrators work with partners to determine appropriate roles and direction of programs on an annual basis. American K–12 schooling is in need of transformative improvement, and business can play a valuable role in retooling school systems for the future. Businesses can provide the leverage, expertise, and leadership that assist educators and public officials make difficult decisions and take hard steps they may not choose to take on their own.

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