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Music & Sound Production at SouthTech Academy

SouthTech’s Music & Sound Production Academy graduates students who are
highly-skilled professionals in the sound production, digital audio,
performance and music industries. Upon graduating, students
are career and college-ready.


Instructors train students for employment or advanced training
in the music and recording industry. Throughout the program,
students gain experience in performance, sound engineering and
recording live audio. This academy focuses on the mastery of
Apple’s ‘Pro Logic X’ audio production software. Within the core
of the Music and Sound Production Academy, the Rock and Roll
Academy cultivates social and emotional skills. These talents are
solidified as students learn the principals of recording, editing,
and performing live music. Graduates are well-prepared for
careers, as well as post-secondary study.

Earning Power

A graduate of this academy can expect to earn a competitive
wage with unlimited growth potential in the music and recording
industry. Graduates can be employed as studio engineers, music
producers, solo artists and audio engineers.

SouthTech Charter Academy, Inc. prohibits discrimination against students, employees, and applicants on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, marital status, age, parental status, pregnancy, or disability.

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